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A Wedding to Remember

A Letter from The Band

We understand that your Wedding Day is very special, a once in a lifetime event. We realize every decision in planning this event will be made with careful consideration. We know you wish to create a perfect day for your friends and family.

As your loved ones gather to honor you and witness your vows and celebrations, you inspire and capture the hearts of your family and friends. You will see it in their eyes. The day is all about you...unforgettable.

In appreciation and thanks, the gift you give to your family and friends will be a fantastic and wonderful reception. It is by your design and it is for them...sharing in the celebration of your joy and having the time of their lives! It could be the reception to which all others are compared, the party your friends will talk about for years to come.

Our passion as entertainers is to ensure that your reception is all you desire it to be. Your consideration in making us part of such an occasion is an honor we hold in the highest regard.

                                                                                                      With best wishes,
                                                                                                                     The Fabulous Greaseband

We Believe...

  • Your reception is as important to us as it is to you
  • Fulfilling your expressed wishes is our first priority
  • Our music will touch all of your guests, young and old
  • What sets us apart is that we are entertainers, not just singers
  • Music is the pulse of a party, as such it will be first rate
  • Teamwork is essential...our cooperative spirit extends to everyone from the wedding consultant to the banquet manager to the photographer and videographer

People Are Talking!

The most important aspect of a successful reception was the band. Our guests are still talking about the Greaseband. Most said, "that was the best wedding reception I have ever attended." They don't just play music, they provide a full performance. The Greaseband recognizes that this is one of the most special nights in your life. They tailor their music sets to honor your request and make it perfect!

~The Hooks, Bride & Groom

Awesome! Party of the year. The Greaseband was fantastic! A great party band

~The Woolseys, Bride & Groom

We coordinated our entire reception around 4 hours of the Greaseband...all 200+ guests were dancing at some point. The Greaseband was great in tailoring their selections by playing a softer first set (while the older people were still around) and then cranking up for the second and third sets.

~Todd White, Groom

Guests commented that "this was the best wedding that they had ever been to" and the Greaseband is what made it all come together.

~Mark Morin, Groom

Thanks to you guys our wedding was wonderful!! Everyone from my 7 year old cousin to my 93 year old grandmother hit the dance floor. Two years later people are still talking about our wedding and how great it was.

~Ashley White, Bride